Google and YouTube launch new resources to help teachers and families educate students at home

photo source: teachfromhome

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In this world shacking condition created by the COVID 19 pandemic which is not only affecting victims with the disease but also the growth of all the nations of our world in various sectors like education. To lessen this hampering Google and YouTube have taken the initiative to help the students and teachers reach other as well as the families to be able to keep their ward's teaching process ongoing as per the prescribed curriculum.

In the efforts made by Google, webpage launched with features like video calling between a teacher and a class using hangouts and easy ways to make online quizzes using a Google form. A Teach from home toolkit with various PowerPoint presentations to aid the teachers in teaching online, which is available in English with its downloaded versions in Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish as well.

Along with this Google is also releasing a fund of 10 million dollars and 50 million dollars from its philanthropic arm of which 1 million dollars will be granted to Khan academy to help remote teaching in all lockdown areas.

YouTube is also playing its role in repairing the damage done COVID 19, it has made an educational channel [email protected] which segregates channels into categories appropriate for the teaching of pre-schoolers, 5 to 13, 13 and above. It has joined hands with Khan academy, and some of the channels include crash course, Discovery education, Cool School, Sesame Street and PBS kids, which are available in English.

Both Google and YouTube are trying to make these facilities available in various other languages soon.

Education being extremely vital, cannot be neglected in any circumstance and these steps taken by Google and YouTube to counter the retardation in the educational system of the world due to the effects of COVID 19 spread shall be acknowledged.

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