Opera becomes the first major Browser to integrate .crypto domain extension

photo source: cointelegraph

Content by: Payal |

In this twenty-first century where online monetary transactions and e-banking are leading the financial sphere, it has become of utmost importance to make these features easy-going and highly secured to ensure these Opera collaborates with the Unstoppable domain of San Francisco backed by a billionaire tech investor and Bitcoin investor Tim Draper. As said by Opera " Opera users are able to access the cloudless and decentralized web of the future with the help of IPFS protocol support which rethinks the way we access data online. They can also send and receive crypto currencies more easily by registering in .crypto wallet addresses like .com and .org domains."

This has become possible by storing a blockchain domain on Etherum's decentralized public ledger, not being on a centralized cloud service does not exist in global DNS and cannot be recognized by ICANN. In December 2018 the Implementation of IPFS protocol support has let Opera become the first mainstream browser with decentralized domains like .crypto which further let the users to circumvent internet censorship and surveillance, to publish restricted content.

As per the information collected by Cointelegraph from Unstoppable domain, it would gradually improve the internet speed too.

Opera with 360 million users is a small shareholder of the browser market yet with its crypto-friendly features in Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Switzerland, it has somehow revived the plateau growth back on track in the crypto currency world flow.

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