YouTube Videos Vanishing: Google Expects AI Errors as Coronavirus Empties Offices

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Due to this global lockdown, all the business sectors are incurring heavy losses including social media. As the absence of employees is saturating the dependence on artificial intelligence and automated software is steeply rising in companies like Youtube, Google, Tweeter. But this automation does not always prove to be a hundred percent reliable. Reports from blogs of Google say that to decrease the number of in-office workers, Youtube and other business divisions are temporarily taking the assistance of automated tools whose accuracy cannot be matched with that of a human on the context of identifying problematic content, this is to be a certain explanation of the erratic skip in videos of Youtube as stated on Monday. Google mentioned, "Some users, advertisers, developers, and publishers may experience delay in some support response time for noncritical services, which will now be supported primarily through our chat, email and self-service channels", human rechecking of the automated system decisions slowing down the procedures would limit the phone support, added Google. Tweeter has also planned to reinforce automation but it would not entirely let the consequences by framed by the automated software and thus ban any user. Having been badly commented Facebook says it cannot allow its policy enforcers to work from home as it lacks technology for safe remote moderations to be done and rejects the requests for comments. On another track, the Silicon valley internet service trio asks its employees and contractors to work from home in concern with cubing the COVID 19 spread and respectfully recognizes the need for the cancelation of any kind of sports, social or religious gatherings. This pandemic spreading its disrupting roots into the core of our whole world would take our development back decades if not eradicated soon.

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