Facebook's new AI-powered moderation tool helps it catch billions of fake accounts

photo source: theverge

Content by: Payal |

Be it to extract some personal, financial information or paving ways to mold your opinion on various things social media can do it all. But when it gets polluted by fake account holders and false spammers it also corrupts the whole society. To tackle such issues Facebook has come up with a new artificial intelligence-powered method known as the DEEP ENTITY CLASSIFICATION (DEC). by using around 20,000 features per profile its surveillance extends from observing the behavior of the suspicious account holder on the platform, its finding activities up to the accounts in its friend list too. As the spammers get better with dodging DEC will learn to dig deeper and find out the loopholes. It has already successfully disposed off 6.5 billion fake accounts most of which get caught in the account creation procedure itself even if not they are exposed before being reported by other users. Yet there are still 2.89 billion fake users active daily. For which the strategies are innovatively upgraded again and again. Facebook and Twitter have shut down fake accounts pushing pro-trump messages who were using AI tools to generate real-looking profile pics and neural networks to hide from being marked as fake. This shall help in the upcoming 2020 American elections and also through the world to demolish such malice influencers.

DEC shall help us filter out not only some fake accounts but fight and defeat the web crimes which are throwing dirt on the face of the extremely helpful tool we have for connecting within ourselves in this era of technology, the Social media.

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