Donald Trump says Sundar Pichai apologized to him, for coronavirus website Fiasco

photo source: notebookcheck

Content by: Payal |

The recent series of confusion which began from the news of Google CEO Sundar Pichai being asked by the American president Donald Trump for an apology which showed all about a website which was being made by Google for the American government to help the people get more aware about COVID 19 and also register for diagnostic tests.

But there were denials by Google and said that a limited scope website was only active in the bay areas of California which was in development by Verily, a parent group of Google. After which Trump again said this was all a confusion by fake media he also said that Pichai had apologized to him and also mentioned him as a gentleman.

According to Techcrunch Trump presented one of the communication statements saying it would be great if the news was given correctly, it would be so wonderful.

What came out at the end of this beating by the bush is Verily's statement saying "we are developing a tool to help triage individuals for COVID 19, being in the early development stage it will be tested in the bay areas, it also said that the website will be expanded to other areas soon and thanked government support, industrial partners and many volunteering Google engineers".

Google also finally tweeted "we are fully aligned and continue to work with our government to contain the COVID 19 spread and protect the health of our communities".

The reason for Pichai's apology stays in confusion yet it all ends with good news in the form of a new tool to fight Corona spread.

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